3 Tips For Choosing The Best Exterior Wall Panels

by Jeremy Wall

Sandwich panels are common insulation materials. They are used as exterior wall panels, floor, ceiling, and interior wall panels. Regardless of their applications, sandwich wall panels offer numerous benefits. In this post, we discuss choosing exterior wall panels. 

Tips for choosing the best exterior wall panels

The following are tips to consider when picking the best exterior wall panels

1. Consider the manufacturer

When shopping for products, the first thing you check is the brand or product manufacturer. The product brand contributes a lot to the product performance and quality. Therefore, it would be wise to choose one with a good reputation when selecting the best brand or manufacturer. It would also be wise to go for a brand with adequate experience. Brands that have been in the market for many years usually offer better products. This is because they have gained a superior understanding of the market, what clients want, and how to give it to them.

2. Consider the type of insulation material

Sandwich panels are characterized by the fact that they are made up of three (sometimes more) materials. The inner and outer (top and bottom) materials are usually thin metals. The core material, which is sandwiched between the two metallic parts is the insulation material. The type of insulation material used can significantly affect the qualities of the sandwich panel. When choosing the best sandwich insulation panel, you must consider the benefits and downsides of each type of insulation material. The most common insulation materials are:

  • Fiberglass- this material is applicable in unfinished walls and is easy to install
  • Mineral wool- also known as rock or slag, this insulation is great for foundation walls. It is typically installed between joints, beams, and studs.
  • Plastic fiber- this is a great insulation material for floors and ceilings
  • Natural fibers- this is a great insulation material for floors and ceilings
  • Polystyrene- this is a type of foam or rigid board ideal for unfinished walls and foundation walls
  • Polyisocyanurate- is also a type of foam or rigid board ideal for floor and ceiling insulation
  • Polyurethane- is ideal for floor, ceilings, and roof insulation.

Whether you choose foam board or blanket insulation, materials would help you understand what each type has to offer.

3. Consider the price of the product

Another important tip is to consider the price of the insulation panel. The price is typically affected by the brand, insulation type, and size. The quality of the insulation panel can also play a role in its price. When looking into the price, it would also help to consider the elements mentioned above. In addition to the price of the sandwich panels, you must also consider the cost of installation.


When choosing the best exterior wall panels, you must also consider your needs. What benefits do you look to achieve from the panels? Asking yourself this question will help you make the right choice. Your environment should also be at the top of your list of factors to consider when choosing exterior wall panels. However, you can always find versatile options that suit all climates.

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