The Significance of AS1163 C350 in Modern Construction

by Jeremy Wall

Materials play a crucial role in determining a building’s longevity, strength, and sustainability in the dynamic field of construction. In this regard, AS1163 C350 is one material that has risen to prominence in contemporary building. AS/NZS 1163 C350 Structural Pipe has been a game-changer in the construction industry due to its novel properties and adaptability.

Understanding AS1163 C350

The AS/NZS 1163 standard for hollow section steels includes a grade called C350 that stands out due to its exceptional properties. The “C” designation indicates that the steel section has been strengthened through the cold-forming process. With a minimum yield strength of 350 MPa, this material has many potential uses. Notably, if the designation is “L0,” AS1163 C350 meets the standards for impact testing, further vouching for its dependability.

Versatility Redefined

AS1163 C350’s adaptability is a major reason for its success in contemporary building. Uses for this material range widely, from structural and mechanical engineering to the construction of furniture, handrails, and even display stands. Its high strength and durability make it an indispensable tool, freeing designers and builders to experiment with new ideas and produce long-lasting structures.

The AS/NZS 1163 Quality Standard

Quality control for AS1163 C350 is grounded in AS/NZS 1163, an Australian/New Zealand Standard for cold-formed, electric resistance-welded steel hollow sections used in structural applications. Steel hollow sections must be strong, ductile, weldable, and fracture tough to be used in construction, and this standard ensures that they do. AS/NZS 1163 establishes stringent requirements for welding suitability and impact properties, guaranteeing the robustness and safety of buildings constructed with AS1163 C350.

Engineering Excellence: Mechanical Properties

AS1163 C350 has exceptional mechanical properties, which is why engineers praise it so highly. Its resilience to various types of stress is determined by subjecting it to tensile, impact, and flattening tests. The tensile test determines how well the material can withstand being pulled apart, while the impact test determines how well it can withstand being broken into pieces. The test for flattening evaluates the material’s resistance to being squashed. Insight into the material’s strength and durability is gained through these tests, allowing for more creative building plans to be developed.

Meeting Stringent Tolerances

In the building industry, you simply cannot skimp on accuracy and precision. Tolerances for size, weight, and length are very strict according to AS/NZS 1163 C350. Tolerances in size and weight are especially important because they have a direct bearing on a building’s functionality. Manufacturers welcome the challenge of working within these tolerances because it ensures that their AS1163 C350 cold-formed hollow sections will function as intended.

Expanding Horizons with Dual-Specs

The need for pipes that meet two different standards at once, like AS1163 C350 and API 5L X42, demonstrates the versatility of the material. In order to guarantee that these materials meet a wide range of standards, they are subjected to extensive mechanical and chemical testing. Additional methods of ensuring structural soundness include hydrostatic pressure tests and non-destructive weld inspections. AS1163 C350’s flexibility in meeting a wide range of requirements increases its value as a versatile tool for building.


The AS1163 C350 has become widely recognized as a revolutionary tool for contemporary building. Because of its exceptional qualities, strict adherence to standards, and compatibility with a wide range of specifications, it has become a crucial component in the building industry. AS1163 C350 is the backbone of durability, strength, and innovation in the construction industry, powering the move toward a more resilient and sustainable future for everything from skyscrapers to furniture. Even as architects and engineers push the envelope further with each new project, AS1163 C350 will be there to help make it a reality.

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