Applications Of Automatic Labeling Machines

by Jeremy Wall

Automatic labeling is a concept used in various industries. It involves using various automatic labeling machines to place labels on products like cans, bottles, cartons, and several other items. As the name suggests, automatic labeling does not depend on human labor. It is handled by machines and offers a wide range of advantages. Shanghai packaging ( is the go-to place for companies looking for automatic labeling machines. In this excerpt, we look at automatic labeling applications.

Applications of automatic labeling machines

Automatic labeling machines are highly advantageous. For this reason, they are highly applied in a wide range of areas. Below are some of these industries;

1. Soft drinks and beverages industries

One of the main applications of these machines is in labeling cans, which is one of the processes in the soft drinks and beverages company. Here, the machines are used for placing labels on the surface of cans. In addition, they can be used to make a wide range of labels depending on the location and type of label. Automatic labeling machines can also come in a wide range of designs. This depends on the technology.

2. Bottling

Lable-making machines are also used to print or place labels on bottles. Their application in this area is mainly because automatic labeling is fast and effective. With these machines, you can choose to have customized labels on your bottles. This means that you can make the labels as unique as you wish. They are especially beneficial because they can handle bottles of different designs and sizes.

3. Carton and box

Automatic carton labeling machines are also trendy. They are also highly applied in labeling boxes. The machines can place labels on various cartons and box sections based on the specifications and the types of needs. This labeling machine can also be used to indicate products in the boxes or carton handling instructions. Such applications are common in industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health, to name a few.

4. Barcode labeling

Automatic barcode labeling is also a popular concept in the automatic labeling industry. This application is common in shipping, equipment tagging, product labeling, and parts tracking. The machines, in this case, are used to place barcodes on the various elements or products. It is worth mentioning that the role of a barcode is to help you see the product details, stock, and sales completion details, among other integrated information.

5. Vial labeling

Vial labeling is one of the most demanding forms of labeling on the market. It requires relatively high speed and performance labeling devices or systems for the task. For this reason, automatic labeling is applied. Automatic labeling machines can offer speed and efficiency without requiring any human effort. Note that vial labels are commonly applied in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Final word

The applications of automatic labeling are limitless because of the numerous advantages offered. Automatic labeling helps reduce human error, eliminates the chances of injuries in the labeling process, and makes the process less time-consuming.

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