What are the different types of CNC automotive?

by Jeremy Wall

In the manufacturing industry, CNC automotive/machines tend to play a major role. These machines are usually controlled through the use of a computer which enables them to be accurate, consistent, and most importantly efficient during production. All those are often difficult to go huge if you’re making use of a manual or the conventional type of production machines. This article highlights some of the CNC machines that are currently used for different production purposes.

 1. Lathe Machine

While using this machine, you will be required to use a computer to compute and control its operation. It’s most used programming language code is “G code”. The G code is derived through the programming calculation used to find out the amplitude of the lathe machine. This helps to complete the lathe process as fast as it can.

The lathe is a rotary piece used for working. It makes use of the rotary cutter which serves as the main machine while working.

2. Plasma cutting machine

This is another CNC automotive machine that’s worth learning about. The plasma cutting machine makes use of ceramic torches to aid the cutting of steel and other types of metal. While using the plasma cutting machine, compressed air tends to pass out through its nozzle often at high speed. Some of the gases are also turned into plasma. The plasma is very hot and can melt the material that’s to be cut. It’s also fast enough to have the molten metal blown away from the slit.

Using the machine requires that you cut the material with the plasma burning, the machine used for laser cutting then directs the high power to the optics, and finally, the output cuts the material.

3. Milling machine

This milling machine often comes with a tool for holding. It helps to replace a lot of milling tools including the axis rotates. The rotation speed of this machine can be evenly adjusted while the workpiece can be moved either up or down to the base of the bed. To move the bed, you can use the axes, front and rear, or the left and right; it all depends on you. Most milling machines come in a small size but the gantry milling machine comes in a bit size.

4. Discharge machine

Electrical discharge machining uses electrical discharge to develop a specific shape inside a given material. The discharged material repeats the process of electrical release between two anodes. The anodes are often set apart using a dielectric liquid that accepts voltage regularly.

Simply put, the electrical discharge machine is a technique that’s used to cut holes, shapes, and pockets into hard steel while distributing the surface texture to the mold of the internal cavity.


Some years back, it was difficult to carry out certain operations. In recent times, the case is different as we now know CNC automotive options. To get things done quickly, this article has explained the different types of CNC machines that you can use to accomplish tasks faster. No machine is the same as the other; you only have to go for the one that suits your type of production.

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