Every Pet Lover Deserves a Custom Canvas Pet Portrait

by Jeremy Wall

Are you looking for a unique gift for a pet lover? You should get them a custom canvas pet portrait! Think about it – it is personalized and definitely unique!

Pet lovers have an emotional bond with their pets. They will surely love a custom canvas pet portrait of their own pets!

Custom canvas pet portrait ideas

From photo to canvas print

Getting a picture of your recipient’s pet will not be a problem since pet lovers will definitely have pictures of their pets on their social media accounts. You can just grab them and have them printed – fast and straightforward, right?

Draw their pets

If you are an artist, make it an entirely unique pet portrait by drawing their pets! You can draw them by hand and have your artwork scanned or go digital!

You can use different drawing styles and even add color for the background to make the custom canvas pet portrait stand out.

Heads on a classic painting

A popular trend for pet portraits these days is to place their heads in renaissance paintings. You can see many pets in military uniforms, in royal garbs, and even simple peasant outfits. Others would even use famous artworks and replace the heads with the head of their pets.

Custom canvas pet portrait quotes

You can have a nice quote written out in the image. This will add a level of uniqueness to your gift. A common way to insert text is to place the pet’s name in the canvas pet portrait.


Close-ups of pets are also common when it comes to pet portraits. Imagine a close up of a cute dog blown up in a canvas. That would definitely be a cute gift worth ooh-ing and aah-ing over.

Pop art

You can quickly turn a pet portrait into one of those trendy pop art that you usually see. Some mobile apps have filters that can turn any image into a cartoon, a vector drawing, a painting, and even add different effects. You can edit the picture beforehand and have the print shop do the rest.

Why choose a custom canvas pet portrait?

Aside from being totally unique, a custom canvas pet portrait can last for a long time. In fact, if you get it done from a professional who uses high-quality ink and canvas, the pet portrait can last for about a hundred years!

Aside from being durable and long-lasting, a canvas pet portrait will definitely be used. Your recipient will surely hang it up on the walls and certainly remember you as long as they have the pet portrait.

You can even con your recipient into thinking that it is a real painting because canvas prints can easily imitate paintings. Thanks to the texture of canvas, it will definitely feel like a real painting too!

A custom canvas pet portrait will definitely look like an expensive gift. They do not need to know that you got it for a very affordable price compared to a real painting!

So, if you are on the hunt for a creative and unique gift for a pet lover, there is no need to look further! Go now online and look for the best canvas printing businesses for your custom canvas pet portrait gift!

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