Your Swimming Pool Pump solutions

by Jeremy Wall

Are you looking for pool pumps, worry not Aquagem has got you covered. Companies have come up to solve your swimming problems. Aquagem offers you the best inverter pool pump which is high tech inverter. This pool pump is very quiet and it is easy to control water backwash with only one click. Aquagem pool pumps have bigger water flow and consume less energy and are also very easy to control.

Let look at some of the types of pool pumps that you can choose from.

Inverpro pool pump

It feels irritating and uncomfortable when the big pool pumps are operational. Many companies have been on their feet to achieve the most silent pool pumps. Inverpro pool pump by aquagem is the most silent inverter pool pump. Aquagem is introducing this inner silence technology to filtration pumps. The inverpro has an inbuilt unique feature that enables it to operate between 40%-100% thus fulfilling different tasks like backwash, proper filtration and also controlling motor drive for optimal silent operation. This helps in controlling the sound level from a high pitch 60-70 dBA to a very low level that is 30 times quieter than the traditional on-off pumps.

PFlow Inverter pool pumps

This inner silence pool pump was launched in the year 2020 by Aquagem to create a solution for heavy duties like backwash. You are tired of distractions of noise from the heave pool pump, this could be your option. The PFlow is 20 times quite at full capacity as it goes down to 36.6 dB (A) @ 1m. This is achieved as PFlow generates 16000 calculations per Secord hence controlling each care component and the motor. PF low inverter pool pumps consume low power too and are thus affordable to use. It has an automatic timer

XFlow Inverter pool pumps

XFlow is another outstanding version of inverter pool pumps. It can be the best fit for your residence due to its ease of operation and the minimum sound pressure of up to 37Bd[A] 1-meter distance. Moreover, it is easy to operate to the integration of a touch screen panel that makes its processes easy. It also has a thermal protector, SuS316 mechanical seal which makes it strong and durable.

Variable Speed pump

Gemflow VS

The Gemflow VS variable speed pump is one of the most selling Aquagem products. It is widely used due to its high energy efficiency and quite a performance. This attribute makes it most suitable to be used in swimming pools.

It can saves energy up to 80%A single-speed pool pump consumes about 16% of the whole pool system. This makes Gemflow VS variable speed the most efficient solution for a better pool. The Gemflow VS allows you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing swimming pool experience as it can reduce sounds level by 25%.

It has long working hours

Maximum suction range: 2.5m

It is IP55 and Class F

Smart touch interface design

Frequency Inverter pool pump


ISAVER+ is the first touch screen frequency converter I iSAVER+

Saves up to 80% at low speed

It reduces the level of pump sound by 25%

Optional timers suitable for different applications

Requires less chemical as it achieves better filtration performance at low speed

The motor and other equipment have a long life span

Great contribution on reducing GHC

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