Is Human Hair Better than Synthetic Hair?

by Jeremy Wall

Some people get confused when asked to choose from various hair options, especially between human hair wigs and synthetic. The answer, however, has to do with fiber. Fiber makes the distinction between synthetic and human hair wigs. A synthetic wig may keep you in style better, though, even after washing.

On the second hand, however, human hair wigs are created from natural human hair and appear to feel like real hair, but they must be restyled after washing, precisely like natural hair. Thankfully, though, human hair wigs are often perceived to be of higher quality than synthetic hair, and they generally last longer. This article will teach you more differences you should know between the two hair options.

How long do human hair wigs last?

Human hair wigs have the most realistic appearance and feel. And while they are more expensive than synthetic, they are also more durable if properly cared for. Human hair wigs can last anywhere from one to three years. They are incredibly soft, with a sheen and movement that is difficult to match in synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are also made to withstand heat better than the standard synthetic wig. It is safe to apply heat when blow-drying or curling.

 A drawback apart from the price is maintenance. Because it is like natural hair, it requires regular upkeep. Many people prefer daily styling because it gives them more control over their appearance and a sense of normalcy that comes with daily hairstyling practice.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is made out of manufactured fibers like acrylic and nylon. To make them, these fibers pass through different and varying chemical processes to imitate the look, color, feel, styling capability, and appearance of natural hair. One of the most enticing features of synthetic hair is that it can be typically worn straight out of the pack with no effort put into styling. The fiber utilized contains a memory for wave and volume, allowing the strands to bounce back into place with no effort. It can even withstand severe weather and prevent drooping and frizzing.

Another reason why people go for synthetic hair wigs is the price. Compared to human hair wigs, it is way cheaper and budget-friendly. However, with all the advantages it poses, synthetic hair has its fair share of cons.

Unlike human hair, it is not heat resistant. This means that anyone wearing synthetic hair extensions should never use too much heat when blow-drying their hair. Other heating products to avoid include flat irons, curling irons, heated hooded hairdryers, and even ones designed exclusively for hairstyling. The hair on your extension will burn or melt if subjected to excessive heat, and the melting can easily blend in with your natural hair, causing severe hair and scalp damage.


When you weigh the advantages and disadvantages, the overall opinion is that human hair wigs are better than their counterparts- synthetic extension. However, if you still go for synthetic, you should exercise extreme caution when near any heat source.

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