The Variety Of Human Hair Weaves In The Market

by Jeremy Wall

 If you have ever bought a weave before, you know that there are so many variations in the market. The most common one being the human hair bundles with frontal. While the type of bundles that the hair comes in might be an issue you want to know, there are other factors you should also keep in mind. The best quality of weaves is human hair, but people often do not know which human hair type they should go for when getting the weave. Here are the types of human hair weaves and the quality you should expect from each of them.

1. Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is the most popular hair in the market currently. Most people who want to buy human hair weaves go for it because of its versatility. It looks great with people of African descent and can be straight, curly, or waved. You also get to color it since it takes on color very well. The great density it comes with makes it frizz resistant.

2. Malaysian hair

One of the things that makes this hair stand out is its extreme shine and sleekness. The only thing you should remember is that the original shine it had will reduce with every wash, but it will maintain a great sheen even then. It is the softest human hair being used and has a dark brown color, and can hold up curls very well. Its silky attribute makes it frizz-free even in humid environments. Its deep brown color might make it hard to color, but it also holds color nicely.

3. Indian hair

Indian hair is mostly described as being versatile and light. Even though it tangles easily, many people say it can be styled without an issue. You can get the hair from a wavy to a curly look, although it has a natural bounce to it. It can hold curls well, although not as good as Malaysian hair. It has minimal shedding and easily blends with most types of hair. You might need to use frizz products on it, however, because it easily starts to frizz.

4. Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is very versatile because it comes in a variety of styles. It can be bouncy, wavy, straight, lightweight, and luxurious. It is thicker than Indian and Brazilian hair despite its lightweight nature. You can also style it in whatever way you like, and it takes up color just as easily as the Brazilian does. The textures it comes with make it the perfect addition to most type of hair, especially relaxed hairs.

Last thoughts

Even though you might not pay attention to it, the type of hair you have will go a long way in ensuring you either love it or not. Knowing which human hair your weave is made from is a great way to know whether the weave will work for you or if you should get another. Take your time and research before you settle on the type of hair you want your weave to come in.

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