Choosing the right 3D printer- The Ultimate Guide

by Jeremy Wall
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3D printers are no longer new. They are rampant and can be found pretty much everywhere. While it’s always a good thing that the world makes progress, this can also spell potential danger.

The 3D printer market is getting filled up with various 3D printers and a lot of manufacturers. This causes a lot of mistakes by users when choosing a 3D printer. From the right design to the wrong specifications, it can go awfully wrong for a customer or user very quickly.

If you are looking to avoiding the dangers, here are some things you should keep in mind.


First off, you have to know your purpose of getting a 3D printer. Basically, 3D printers can be for either personal use or for professional jobs.

It follows then that the 3D printer which you use for your personal use will not necessarily be a good option when used professionally.

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As a beginner or someone who is a bit confused, this can be a gamechanger. Knowing what you want can allow you to structure your thoughts. This eventually leads to a great choice.

Quality and Technology

To choose the right 3D printer, you also have to understand the technology behind it. Most 3D printers use either the Molten Polymer or the Fused Filament.

Each of these methods brings with it pros and cons. For example, 3D printers who use fused filament will usually perform with more accuracy. However, you might spend more in the maintenance department.


When choosing the 3D printer to purchase, you also have to consider the material. While 3D printers that are for personal use will usually go for ABS plastics, this is different when it’s been used for professional purposes.

Most times, it is recommended that you go for a 3D printer that is made from nylon. It endures more than the ABS and has greater stamina. Putting these issues and preferences together before making a decision should keep you on the right track.

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The pricing of the product can also be a major decision depending on your budget. This is one area where you have to act wisely.

Sometimes, high prices can be a sign of high quality. Sometimes though, high prices are just a rip-off having no real value for money.

So make sure you put everything into perspective. Try to find a product that allows you to get good quality without breaking the bank. Also, try to take a look at more than one manufacturer. This will give you the complete picture.

Having the complete picture can have some wonderful benefits that you surely will not want to miss.

Getting 3D printers

3D printers can be the difference in your business. There are many 3D printer manufacturers that have printers that match these tips. Taking a look at what they have to offer will be a step in the right direction.

However, it is always a good thing to take in all your options before making a decision. Getting a 3D printer is a right choice.

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