Facts about prototyping that you should know

by Jeremy Wall

Ddprototype takes pride in being one of the leading prototype service providers in China. The company mainly offers CNC prototyping or machining services, which are fast, cheaper, and more reliable. It is, therefore, the best company to outsource your prototyping services to. In this post, we discuss a few prototyping facts.

Essential facts about prototyping services

Below are some facts about prototyping that you should know

1. What is the aim of prototyping

Prototyping aims to allow companies to test and revise their product designs before spending money on mass production. It also helps companies provide the best products to their clients. This is because the prototypes are tried out and tested in the real world to ensure that they perform the purpose for which they are manufactured. Additionally, prototyping allows organizations to pitch a product to potential investors. The fact that they get to see a real-life model of the product makes it easy for them to move towards investment.

2. Who can use CNC machining for prototype making?

Any company, from any industry, can use CNC technology for prototyping. This is because CNC technology is complex, and it allows for a wide array of applications. However, companies looking to achieve the following elements would do best with choosing CNC prototyping;

  • Organizations looking to achieve fast results
  • Organizations that are looking towards rapid prototyping (Rapid prototyping is where you have to repeat the process severally and faster until you achieve final results)
  • Companies looking to use complex and hard materials like metals since CNC prototyping allows you to make prototypes from a wide range of metals and plastics
  • Companies whose products feature intricate designs

It is worth mentioning that CNC prototyping is an excellent option for any organization because it can be used to manufacture the final products in mass after the aim of prototyping is achieved.

How best can you prototype complex parts?

During the introduction of prototyping, companies would only make prototypes of simple parts without complex geometries. The main reason why this was the case is that making complex parts would cost more money. The process also required complex machinery that was currently unavailable on the market. However, recent technology has allowed for prototypes of complex parts to be made.

In CNC machining for prototyping, creating complex prototypes are made using 5-axis milling machines. 5-axis milling machines can achieve complex designs because of the extra axis that allows the part to rotate on the work table. This allows the cutting tools to access areas and angles that other CNC mills cannot reach. 5-axis CNC mills are also large enough to accommodate large workpieces that can be worked on to create complex parts.

Take Note

The only limitation here is that 5-axis CNC mills are very costly. Additionally, they are hard to find as many shops do not carry these products due to their low demand. Regardless, for your prototyping purposes, you do not need to acquire a 5-axis CNC mill. Instead, you can outsource your CNC prototyping services to companies like Ddprototype. The company will create the prototype in the least amount of time possible so that you can get it tested and reproduced.

Final word

CNC prototyping is a better method of creating prototypes. Outsourcing CNC prototyping services are also a great option because it is cheaper, more convenient, and faster. You also get quality results.

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