How to find the right locket maker?

by Jeremy Wall

Lockets are personal jewelry pieces that often hold a picture, message, or quote that is dear to the owner. Unless it is a gift, when photo lockets or medaillon mit foto are purchased they are usually empty without a photo. It is like a plain canvas awaiting the magic brush of an artist. The comforting part of this is that whichever picture you choose does not have to be forever. You can change it whenever you please.

Although there are modern day lockets, they have been a fashion trend for several centuries and are sometimes passed down as an heirloom from generation to generation. If properly done with the right materials, lockets are durable jewelry pieces that can stand the test of time.

This article will be reviewing how to choose the right locket maker but before we go into that let’s have a look at how to choose the right locket.

Choosing the right locket

When getting a new locket, the factors to consider are similar to that of getting a new neckpiece. Lockets can be worn as everyday jewelry with different outfits. Therefore, they have to be carefully chosen. A few of the factors to consider are;

1. Chain length

Choosing the right chain length for your locket is not as difficult as you think. Understanding the shape of your face will help you make the right choice.

2. Locket shape

Lockets come in different shapes and sizes. The most common ones are the heart and oval shapes. If you normally like small pendants, then a small-sized locket will be appropriate for you. Choosing the size or shape of your locket is dependent on how big you want the picture in it to look.

3. The shape of your face

The shape of your face plays a key role when choosing necklaces or lockets. A person with an oval shape can wear a variety of chain lengths and different pendants or lockets. If your face is heart-shaped, it is better to wear necklaces or lockets with shorter chain lengths. Rectangular-shaped faces are similar to heart-shaped faces therefore shorter chain lengths are better suited for them. For persons with round-shaped faces, long-chain lengths are a better option.

Getting the right locket maker

Now that we know how to pick the right locket, getting the right locket maker is like the glue that makes it all stick. Most jewelers make lockets especially those that customize pieces of jewelry. The right jeweler will know the perfect materials to use to make your locket durable and long-lasting.

Lockets are made from the same material other jewelry are made from – gold, silver, glass or crystal, gemstones, diamonds, etc.

With the help of the internet, most businesses have an online store. Thus, you can sit back at home and place an order. However, one of the things to look out for when patronizing an online jewelry store is customer reviews. Customer reviews are a pointer to how good a locket maker is. This works both for online and physical stores. A good jeweler will also add value to its community. They often give tips and notes about jewelry types and custom pieces. They also help you pick the jewelry that suits you best.


Now that you know how to pick the right locket and locket maker, go place your orders and gift yourself or your special someone a locket today.

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