Beer Tower: An Underappreciated Ingenious Design

by Jeremy Wall

Whoever thought of the idea of brewing the first beer deserves to have their names written in gold throughout the ages. Yet, for some reason, there’s no agreeable account to who made the first beer. We have seen excavation reports of early beer brewing and drinking from Mesopotamia, Iran, China, and Egypt. Whatever the case, everyone agrees beer has an intertwined history with that of humans.

However, one often underappreciated ingenious design is the beer tower. The very concept of it takes beer drinking to a whole new level. Early users of beer towers were said to have called them portable keg taps and picnic taps. It makes sense since the name describes exactly what it was designed to do.

Where can beer towers be used?

Early names given to this incredible design signifies it was used for mostly outdoor events. However, with the new designs of these beer towers, they can be conveniently used both indoors and outdoors.

Restaurants and pubs

The first time you probably saw a beer tower was either in a restaurant or in a pub. The idea is to have customers serve themselves instead of having to be waited on. All the owner has to be concerned with is ensuring the tower never runs dry and the beer remains cold.

Outdoor parties

Parties are a communal thing, and people have been having them since time immemorial. It helps bring people together for bonding and entertainment. One of the hurdles of throwing parties in the past was ensuring everyone got enough food and liquor. With beer towers, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Just get a beer tower or a couple of towers, and have them filled with the best beer you can lay your hands on. This way, people just need to locate the nearest beer tower and fill their cups with whatever quantity is sufficient for them. Again, your only concern is to ensure the beer tower never stops flowing.

Indoor parties

Who says beer towers belong outside? Get a size that can fit perfectly into the space and get the party started. It doesn’t always have to be a loud, crazy party. You could invite friends and family over for holidays and let them serve themselves. You could also incorporate games that allow winners or losers to serve themselves and drink a specified quantity of beer.

Types of beer tower taps

There are several beer tower tap designs. These are designed to cater to small and large events or drinkers.

Single tap

This is the conventional beer tower tap. It is a single tap head and drinkers have to serve themselves, one after another. This is ideal when you have a small gathering.

T-Type beer tower tap

As the name signifies, this tower tap is designed in a T-shape. This shape allows multiple users to pour from the tower at the same time. It usually has four tap heads. It’s common in restaurants and pubs.

6-way beer tower tap

Need to serve more people? The 6-way tap offers 6 different tap heads. It is used in large events and in pubs with lots of customers.


Beer will always be part of human existence. It is a leisure drink that has become part of many cultures. The beer tower offers an easy way to have people serve themselves in whatever quantity they want. If you’re planning to throw a party soon, you should consider getting a beer tower. It’s definitely a delight to have!

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