5 Best Ways to Store Your Garden Hose Reel

by Jeremy Wall

You can tell so much about a gardener from the condition of their hose reel. A skilled gardener knows that a hose and its reel are essential gardening tools. They, therefore, need to be maintained. To achieve this, you must store the two properly. A gardener does not want to feel frustrated about a tangled hose or a reel, a leakage, or a precarious situation involving tripping over the hose. Properly maintained, a hose can last for five years and above. That means putting it away immediately after use. Try this site to learn how to store your hose reel.

1. Galvanized Tub

It is pretty easy to store your hose reel in a galvanized tub because it is affordable (retails at about $16) in your local hardware store. The tub fits right into your garden style, even if you have a contemporary design. Begin by drilling holes into the base of the galvanized tub. That way, you shall keep it from being filled up with water. Ensure that you use a drill to make the holes.

2. Gallon Tough

Stackable bins should be every homeowner’s best friend. You can use the gallon as a storage tote to hold your sprinkler and other hose reel accessories as the storage mechanism make it easier to stack on the shelf. Because the totes come with handles, they need to be conveniently carried out to the garden or yard when the weather is warm.

3. The Wall Mounted Holder

A wall-mounted holder is an ideal storage choice, especially if you have space in your room. Perhaps you are equipped with the mounting knowledge of that hose reel. But maybe you are not. Either way, you should be in a position to store the hose reel looped upon the holder. One benefit of using this holder is that it prevents a mess on the floor or ground. It also occupies little space.

4. Garden Hose Pot

A hose pot is also known as a hose bowl. It is an ideal way to store a hose reel in the spigot so that you can quickly gain access to it. One aspect you should consider when selecting a hose pot for the garden hose reel is the pot’s size and whether or not it fits into the links of your garden reel hose. A good example would be if you have a hose pot that fits into a 40-foot hose, but the hose is about 150 feet, you will realize that you would be unable to get the hose into the pot.

5. Clam Basket

Invest in a metal basket with a bushel. It should be appended to the wall and used store hoses you rarely use. Hang your basket on the wall. Wind the hose and its reel around it. The one unique fact about this storage method is that you can always stash things in the basket.

Final Thoughts

Summer is one season where most people use their garden hoses to tidy their yards. You can use yours often and prolong its use if stored correctly. The ideas above should encourage you to venture into practical storage ideas.

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