A Step By Step Guide For Importing Chinese Goods

by Jeremy Wall

Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform in the world. Many people import cheap goods from China to sell on Amazon to make a tremendous profit. Importing from China is beneficial because of the low prices and the wide range of products. This post provides a guide for importing Chinese. 

A guide for importing Chinese products

The following is a step by step guide for importing products from China

Step 1: Research your product

For an online seller, you probably want to sell a variety of products. However, you ought to be careful not to take on too much. This could cause you to feel overwhelmed. It would therefore be wise to choose a niche and understand it. The internet is the best place to research your product. Part of your research should be knowing whether you are going to do well in your market. Also, try and figure out how you will penetrate the market and every other important detail you ought to know about the product. The results of the research will help you make wise and informed decisions.

Step 2: Find a sourcing agent

Once you have understood everything you need to know about your product, the next step is to find it. This can be very challenging, especially if you are not a China local. This is where sourcing agents come in. A sourcing agent will act as a go-between between you and the supplier from China. Finding a sourcing agent will save you from the trouble of traveling to and from China to get products to sell on Amazon. It will also eliminate the hassle of working with Chinese manufacturers, especially if you do not speak the same language. When finding a sourcing agent to work with, it would help to consider the following factors;

  • Licensing- you need a sourcing agent with a proper license
  • Trustworthiness- you need an agent that you can count on to carry out all their functions
  • Reliability and dependability- you need to be sure that the company will deliver
  • Experienced- hiring a company that knows what they are doing will give you peace of mind
  • Communication- the sourcing agent needs to be an effective communicator

Once you have found the right sourcing agent, you can assign them to find the best suppliers for your product. The sourcing agent is also in charge of building a relationship with the suppliers and ensuring that you receive the best products on time.

Step 3: Start selling

You can forget about all the hassles of finding and shipping products from China with a sourcing agent. The agent will ensure everything is handled, so you have to wait for the products to arrive. If you are planning to sell on Amazon, you do not need to wait for the products to get delivered to list them on the platform.


You can also choose to take the traditional route and not work with a sourcing agent. However, if you choose this route, you will have to find the products by researching the available suppliers in China, establishing a relationship with them, placing orders, and importing the products. This can be a lot of work.

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