NextSmartShip: eCommerce and numerous FBA prep services for your business

by Jeremy Wall

Never receiving an order or getting it late can be one of the worst experiences for an online customer. Such a disappointed customer will never shop with you ever again if he faces such a bad experience. The number one priority for customer retention along with his satisfaction should be to get a top notch order fulfillment partner. That is where NextSmartShip does the trick. NextSmartShip comes with a reliable and straightforward order fulfillment technique for your online businesses. It takes the heavy duty of all the backstage work that links with picking and then packing up orders, clearance of customs, storage, guarantee of order’s fulfillment and reverse logistics. And guess what, they make sure that all of it is done without raising the prices to unaffordable rates. If you have developed your interest in their service, then let us dug in deeper and see what they are and what their capabilities are.

Who are they?

NextSmartShip is the best quality full-service order fulfillment center that make customer’s order fulfillment to be very effortless by giving crowd funding fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, eCommerce business and numerous FBA prep services. Their main office is located at the Shenzen city of China, which is the main hub of global manufacturing. Other than that, they have warehouses at different parts of the world including Germany, Australia, USA and UK. This is quite effective for a lot of e businesses with some global reach and also gives the company’s local presence across the globe. They offer many end to end logistics service that can raise the customer satisfaction and your brand awareness efforts. You won’t find such services from any other typical third party service provider.

Why go for them?

They have various exciting features to offer including:

  • Warehouses around the world
  • Easy usage
  • Different eCommerce Platform Integeration
  • Inventory Management
  • Amazing customer support
  • Value added services
  • Order Management

All of these features make them the best order fulfillment center choice. Let us discuss some of these features.

Warehouses around the world

One of the hot features of NextSmartShip is global warehousing. Due to China’s expanding manufacturing business, usually customers tend to source their products from here. The strategic location of NextSmartShip in Shenzen make them to be your top fulfillment center option. They have fulfillment center in USA’s different cities such as New York, Austell, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If your manufacturers are in Melbourne, Australia, then relax as NextSmartShip also has a fulfillment center there. To assist business owners who are in European cities such as London, Berlin, or Paris, they have established a fulfillment center in Europe.

Inventory management

If you are a loyal customer of NextSmartShip then you can easily manage your inventory centrally no matter how many online stores or supplier you have. To avoid overselling or products to be go out of stock, the information is updated in real time. They also provide smart and correct labeling so that your customers never get a wrong order or product. They also scan your items into their modern inventory management system to allow you to track your products. They offer services such as Picking and packing, Custom packing, Labeling of products, Product inspection etc.

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