From Sawdust To Wooden Pellets- Make Wood Pellets

by Jeremy Wall

Utilizing any waste products for further use is one of the best thoughtful options. Likewise, to make wood pellets from sawdust is one such reuse method. Sawdust can be termed as a waste material that can be accumulated after the product-making process from wood. However, sawdust can be obtained after cutting or drilling the wood for making furniture or paper production. It is a useful commodity because after a proper transformation process it can be converted into wood pellets.

Wooden pallets are nothing but a useful product that can be obtained from sawdust. However, it is also a kind of recycling process from waste materials. In this article, the reader will get to know the relationship between sawdust and wood pellets. Along with that we also provide a brief description of how wood pellets are manufactured and so on.

Wooden Pellet Manufacturing Process

This segment of the blog provides knowledge about different steps one should undergo while manufacturing wood pellets.

1. Prepare Sawdust Mixture

In the first step of the process, you have to add water to the raw material. It is very essential to add almost 8 to 15% of water to the sawdust. To acquire the best quality product you have to provide the required amount of moisture to the sawdust.

2.  The Pellet Machine

After stabilizing the raw material you have to add the sawdust to the fee machine. If you desire to obtain a large amount of product then a screw feeder is one of the most important pieces of equipment for it. A screw feeder is the only way to stabilize the entire input process.

3. Let Pellet Cool-Use Pellet Cooler

During the wood pellet-making process, the temperature of the finished product becomes very high. Due to this, it is not possible to pack the product just after making it. You have to provide the pellets with enough time to cool down.

4. Filter Good Pallets

After the cooling process, the pellets are allowed to pass into a sieve which will vibrate. This is one of the crucial steps. In this step, the broken pellets and the powdery part of them are segregated.

5. Packaging

After following the above four steps now the wood pellets are packed with the help of the packing machine.

Where Can I Use Wooden Pallets?

The usefulness of wooden pallets will be elaborated on under this section:

1. Cooking Fuel

People can use wood pellets for their cooling process. However, it can also lower the cost for the buyers.

2. For Heating

Wood pellets can also be used for heating anything or during a bonfire. Several hotels, campsites, inns, restaurants, and even homes located in cold regions are some potential consumers of wood pellet for heating up the environment and surroundings.

3. Can Replace Coal At Industries

Big industries can also use wood pellets in place of coal as it will lower the fuel cost as well as produce less smoke.

4. Makes Perfect Bedding For Animals

Wood pellets can also be used for the bedding purpose of animals as they will provide them with great comfort.

5. Can Replace Cat Litter

Wood pellets can also act as a substitute for cat litter, hence targeting cat owners. The pet cat market is noticeably large, hence there’s a good scope of pellets in the pet market too.


Wood pellets are the kind which has a low emission rate. Nonetheless, It can also contribute as a substitute for fossil fuels. Along with all these wooden pellets is also a renewable source of energy and required low working capacity. The cost of wooden pellets is much lower than any other energy-producing source. The entire article is enough to educate people about what is sawdust and wood pellets. Along with that its usefulness is also mentioned so that people can opt for it according to their desire.

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