Shipping Goods from China to the US Using Air Freight?

by Jeremy Wall

Airfreight is another name for air cargo. It refers to carrying goods from one place to another using an air carrier. For individuals engaging in international trade, when shipping from China to the USA, the transit time and freight cost are two primary concerns. Just how long does it take to move products from China to the USA? This and more about air freight china to USA are addressed in the blog post.

How Long Does It Take to Move Products?

The total time it takes to move a product from China to the USA will highly depend on the shipping mode you are using coupled with the route the transit method is going to take. Such journeys take about 10 days to complete.

Besides how long it would take the move products to China, customs and other additional processes can impact the time it takes to move goods from China to the US. It can take about 30 days to prepare the shipment for transit. Immediately the air freight arrives, transportation will take place.

Breaking it down- the pain point  

Air cargo is often used by importers as well as exporters when there is a need to get goods elsewhere rapidly. Although 80 percent of most goods are shipped using ocean freight, air cargo connects business professionals faster, by cutting China-US time from the 30 days to just about four days.

International air freight coupled with express freight shipments are not really the same thing. Express air freight is handled by a prominent company, such as DHL and UPS, that handle the whole shipment cycle, with additional shipping from one door to another in just about five minutes.

The express air freight shipments are often smaller than air freight. Other than that, you should also know that international freight shipments can be slightly larger, meaning they can move across different carriers when shipping.

Pros of Using Air Freight

There are three major considerations you need to have in mind in order to determine when it is time to ship by air.

a. Protection– although ocean privacy is still on the decline right now, goods are most likely to be damaged in that transit mode. Airfreight provides more protection

b. Speed– generally, airplanes are way faster than ships. This implies that passenger jets can quickly cruise at about 500mph, while their counterparts move at about 20 mph. Using a reliable calculator, you can get the estimates of transit times for shipping by air. This implies that air freight is cheaper and more reliable than ocean freight.

c. Convenience and reliability- most people are generally pickier than packages. This has encouraged the entire freight market to quickly develop a more dependable freight service lane movement for the people.

Air freight provides a better tracking method to enable you to know where your goods are at all times.

Final Thoughts

The result of air freight cargo transit is that multiple companies that want to import do everything they can to take advantage of the affordable freight quotes, thereby, leaving urgent shipments for air.


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