Finding the Best Place for Your Garden Sculpture

by Jeremy Wall

A lot of garden owners are investing in custom sculpture to adorn their landscape. If you own a beautiful garden or yard, it should be something that you should consider. Having sculptures in your garden does not only add to its aesthetic value but it also triggers a positive mood and mindset.

If you plan to set up some sculpture to improve your landscape, here are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

Build your landscaping around it

If you are just starting on your garden and you have already acquired a great sculpture, it would be great to highlight the sculpture by incorporating it into your landscape. You can create frames like growing a bush or flower bed around it or position certain plants behind it for a great background.

Go center stage

Sometimes you find a work of art that is just so pretty you want it to be seen immediately when your guests enter the garden. If you want your statue to stand out, the best way to do so is to place it in the center of the garden then have some flower bed encircle it.

Size matters

The dimensions of your sculpture should be in accordance with your garden’s dimensions. A large garden can use a large sculpture and a small garden is better for a small sculpture.

Bushes and hedges

Your bushes and hedges are great places for your sculpture. Bushes and hedges can add contrast to your backyard’s look and they can complement your sculpture. The soft lines of the bushes and hedges can easily soften any rough edges the sculpture may have.

Use sculptures as complimentary décor

If your garden is filled with flowers that are very bold in color, having statues around can complement the colors by adding contrast. It also adds a more sophisticated look overall.

Utilize your corner spaces

The corner spaces of your garden are a great place for a large statue or a garden fountain. Our eyes are drawn to the corners and most of the time, they are empty spaces. Finding a beautiful sculpture there will definitely be a break from the norm.

Do not overdecorate

Having too many sculptures in your garden defeats the purpose of appreciating it as a work of art. Instead, your garden will look too cluttered – and if you choose statues, too creepy. It does not make a relaxing environment at all. A single huge sculpture is enough. Sometimes, several small statues that are positioned neatly is also enough. But make sure you do not overdo it.

Do proper maintenance

Your sculpture must always be seen and should always be at its best. Because of this, you should do regular maintenance. For painted statues, place them in the shade where they can be protected from the elements or coat them with liquid car wax if you want them out in the open. Make sure you trim your plants if it manages to block your sculpture or grow in it.

Gardens always have a magical and mystical appeal. You can be mesmerized with the smell and colors and it becomes a great venue for relaxation and meditation. Having a custom sculpture around can add a touch of playfulness and sophistication making your garden a visual stimulation.

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