What Beginners Should Know About 3D Printing

by Jeremy Wall

Are you planning to invest in 3D printing, but you are not sure how to start? First, you need to understand what this technology is about and it’s future. According to creality, 3D printing technology has been around since the 1980s. Technology has evolved, resulting in its use in different sectors, such as healthcare, sports, automotive, defense, aerospace, and more.

Being an additive manufacturing technique, the material is added to the object. You can think of it as the opposite of machining, milling, and cutting that involves removing materials from a solid block. The technology works by converting CAD designs into a 3D solid object. However, there are other technologies that use additive manufacturing.

Steps In 3D Process

3D printing involves different steps that must be completed to create a product. These are the processes:

CAD Model

In this step, you need to create CAD models. In fact, without this step, it is not possible to manufacture a product. There are different 3D modeling software tools they can help you. Another option is to use 3D scanners. The model you create or buy ought to be match the 3D printing design requirements.

Slicing Software

In this case, the process involves converting CAD files into what a 3D printing system can read. Ideally, you import your CAD model into the slicing software, which controls different parameters. The software gives you a visual image of the print. Thus, you can orient it properly to get the best results. You can control different parameters, such as temperature, height, and speed.

3D Printing

This is the last stage of the 3D printing process. In this case, the file from slicing software is transferred to the 3D printing equipment. With only a touch of the button, the printing starts and automatically ends when your object is ready.

Applications of 3D Printing

The truth is that 3D printing is a great technology with a wide range of applications. These are the common applications.

Product Development

New products undergo different stages before they are made and released to the market. Traditional manufacturing techniques do not have room for iterating different ideas. Moreover, the goal of manufacturing is not to spend enormous amounts on the iteration phase. Fortunately, with 3D printing, you can iterate different ideas affordably and rapidly. In this way, you can build products that suit the needs of customers.

On-demand Manufacturing

Nowadays, businesses must strive to remain relevant owing to stiff competition and technological advancements. On-demand manufacturing is one of the techniques businesses adopting. This can be achieved with 3D printing. Other than delivering products to the market on time, it helps reduce inventory costs.

Digital Manufacturing

This technology ensures products are made on time online. In this case, customers can upload their CAD models, and the 3D printing company will print their products according to customer requirements.

Custom Manufacturing

3D printing helps create manufacturing aids needed by a business. In this way, it helps in making things such as jigs, test gauges, fitting tools, and maintenance tools. Ideally, you can produce manufacturing aids rapidly.

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