How Huawei Wallet Kit Can Change Payment Methods?

by Jeremy Wall

Huawei has been a trendsetter in the tech realm since the past few years. They have proven their brand to be unique and functional without too many complications and fuss. If you’re a Huawei device user or a valid member, you’re familiar with how they design “Kits” for their services to enhance user experience.

Huawei’s Wallet Kit is one of the important functions and services from the AppGallery that can help to change the way we make payments. It’s such a convenience to use this feature especially in the time of corona crisis. Here’s how the Wallet Kit can elevate the existing payment methods.

Using the App as a Card

It gets cooler than this. How about using your Huawei device or smartphone as a card to pay your purchases? Yes, that’s totally possible with the Huawei Wallet Kit. No need to stack and bring all your credit and debit cards wherever you go. Plus, it will decrease the bulk from your wallet and increase its safety by living it in the safety of your home.

You can save your card details in the wallet kit. Once it’s verified and ready to use, you can make purchases using your smartphone in lieu of your credit/debit card. It’s pretty convenient especially as we consumers are more encouraged to commit to cashless transactions. The setup is easy and a lot of business partners acknowledge the use of the wallet kit.

Using the App as a Coupon

Special coupons usually come in a card or mini leaflet that you can scratch when you’ve already availed one of its claimable perks. It could all come in different forms. However, you need to present it and bring with you at all times. Some of us might see this as a bit of a hassle especially if the coupon doesn’t fit in our wallets.

But, with the Huawei Wallet Kit, you can save and claim digital coupons straight from your device. It’s easy to use and claim as long as you have the right code for the product or service you’re trying to claim. You can use it to redeem discounts, get exclusive gift sets, get free items from your purchases and a chance to access limited items from major shops.

Using the App as a Ticket

As the travel restrictions are slowly easing in some countries, others can now travel for business and other essential purposes. We all know we need to present our boarding pass by going through check-ins and such. The wallet kit actually remedies this additional work by the ability of saving your flight tickets and boarding passes from your device.

All you need to do is to present your digital copy to the gate and you’re already good to go. No more printing and lining up over the check-in booth to get your boarding pass. It has made it easier to get to your flight before your departure time.

For more details about the Huawei Wallet Kit, please visit Huawei’s official website.

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