The Importance Of Clipping Dog Nails

by Jeremy Wall

First of all, nobody likes trimming dog nails. It is a nuance for you, the dog, and your veterinarian that does all the dog nail trimming.

Nuance or not, dog nail trimming is super important. It must be done, and it must get done frequently to keep the dog’s nails short. It’s either you grab a toe nail grinder or someone else on your behalf will need to do it.

In the past, dogs spent a lot of time outdoors, walking and running on different hard surfaces such as blacktop and concrete. As a result, their nails, little by little, worn-out. That way, there wasn’t any need for dog nail trimming.

However, these days, both urban and suburban dogs spend most of their days confined at home while their respective owners are working. That means that dogs are confined to walking on soft surfaces like lawns throughout most of the day. Put simply; there isn’t enough friction so that their nails get trimmed naturally by walking and running. That little time they spend in the park is also not enough and offers too little friction to their nails.

Unkempt and long nails not only look very displeasing, but they can also lead to serious health problems. The thing is, long nails touch the walking ground at all times, and in the process, they force back the nail bed. That puts a lot of pressure on the toe joint, which is very painful for the dogs. In the long run, that can even disfigure the foreleg joints, resulting in the leg looking splayed and flattened.

Furthermore, the dog’s natural alignment and weight distribution can turn walking and running very painful for the dog. Dogs in such conditions are very susceptible to injuries.

Sometimes overgrown nails can curve and get torn apart. That can be very painful for the dog and, most times requires a veterinarian intervention. In some extreme cases, uncut nails can get so big that they grow into the pad of the dog’s foot. Again, that may lead to massive discomfort, pain, and a trip to your vet for treatment. 

Even worse, trimming very long nails can be very discomforting and even painful for the dog. In such cases, then the dog will be restless and sometimes even aggressive because of the pain it endures. That additionally complicates the dog nail trimming procedure even for the most experienced dog owners or veterinarians.

In Conclusion

Regular dog nail trimming will keep you away from the troubles described above. Do your best to prepare your canine friend for this must-do intervention, and everything will be fine. As time goes by, the dog will get used to nail trimming, and before you know it, it will become a routine for you and your dog as well. Once the nail trimming turns into a routine, it is a straight road from there, and you can rest assured that your dog can walk and run uninterrupted.

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