Top Three Weight Bench Exercises You Can Try At Home

by Jeremy Wall

Banc musculation is a piece of equipment designed to provide support during exercises, especially weight-lifting exercises, and one can find it either at home or in a gym. Regardless of where it is located, its functions remain the same. These include providing support for heavy weight-lifting, offering various workout options, and helping beginners in weight training.

Weight bench exercises you should know

There are a variety of weight bench exercises that can be done in a gym or at home. All you need is a durable and working weight bench with a set of weights. So, below are some exercises that can be done on a weight bench;

  1. Bench press

This exercise is achievable with a weight bench. One can do bench presses with either a barbell or dumbbell but using dumbbells is more recommended, especially for beginners. With dumbbells, the risk of sustaining a significant injury is reduced as you can drop the dumbbells easily if your strength fails you. The weight bench here helps you to lie flat on your back, giving you a comfortable position to lift the dumbbells upwards and downwards repeatedly.

  1. Concentrated curl

You need a dumbbell and weight bench for this exercise. However, this time, you are not lying flat on your back. You will assume a sitting position with parted legs and your feet planted firmly to the ground. Then, you pick up the dumbbells with your right hand and place your right elbow, slightly bent on your right thigh, while placing the freehand on the other thigh. You will have to lift the dumbbells towards your chest and repeat the same for the other hand. Note that your back must be straight, and you must lean forward a bit before raising the dumbbells towards your chest.

  1. Pullover

Apart from the weight bench, you need a barbell or dumbbells for the pullover exercise. To perform this exercise, you need to lie flat on your back on the weight bench with the dumbbells or a barbel. Try lifting your hands over your head. The pullover exercise is good for your chest muscles, triceps, and back muscles.

  1. Incline reverse fly

You need to sit on the weight bench facing the backrest for this exercise, with your torso pressed against the backrest. With your arms hanging towards the ground and hands facing each other, pick your dumbbells and begin to lift them and out to the sides.

Overall benefits of weight bench exercises

  • Weight bench exercises target various muscle groups. For instance, the pullover exercise targets the chest muscles, back muscles, and triceps. At the same time, concentration curls focus on building the biceps and the forearm.
  • Weight bench exercises are more comfortable, and they are not restricted to the gym as weight benches can be used at home, too.
  • Weight bench exercises work on the muscles and your abs, upper and lower body as well.
  • The weight bench can handle a good percentage of your full weight, making weight bench exercises easier than others.
  • Also, these exercises are suitable for anyone. They are even recommended for beginners in weight lifting because they are easier and effective on the entire body.

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