What should you know about wall-mounted hose reels?

by Jeremy Wall

Are you thinking of getting a wall-mounted hose reel? If you are, then that’s a good plan. Those kinds of hose reels can complement anything you want. While you have probably heard a lot of things about wall-mounted hose reels, there are still a couple of things you probably aren’t too sure about.

For example, how do you set it up? What about screw holes? How does it all fit? You probably already know these things. This article will answer some of the more popular questions about wall-mounted hose reels.

Commonly Asked Questions about Wall-Mounted Hose Reels

1. What is a wall-mounted hose reel?

This is a hose reel that is usually attached to the wall. They are used for outdoor gardens and make things relatively easy. A wall-mounted hose reel will have the same or similar features to other regular hose reels.

However, because it is generally attached to the wall, a wall-mounted hose reel might be a little more expensive than other hose reels.

2. How is the price of a wall-mounted hose reel?

The price of this type of hose reel will largely depend on several factors. Top among the list is the manufacturer. Then, another qualifying factor is the material that has been used.

However, the price of a wall-mounted hose reel is usually from $150 upwards. However, many manufacturers might also use coupons to provide discounts for their customers.

3. How is a wall-mounted hose reel set up?

To set up a wall-mounted hose reel, you will need some tools or equipment. However, the good news is that it doesn’t require much effort. Most hose reels will come in also assembled. All you have to do is screw holes in your wall and attach them.

However, if you are having some difficulties setting up a hose reel, it might be best to actually get a professional to get it done for you.

4. How do I choose the right manufacturer?

Having problems with choosing the right manufacturer? If you have, then here are some of the things you should definitely look out for.

  • The price of the hose reels will greatly depend on the producer that you choose. So, make sure you compare the prices with your budget.
  • You should also consider the expertise of the manufacturer. Having a good idea of what you are expecting never hurts.
  • Try to get the opinions of past clients or customers. Thankfully, you can easily find that on the internet.

So what next?

If you have decided to get yourself a wall-mounted hose reel, then you should totally go for it. However, make sure that you get the price and manufacturer part right. Things will really kick off from thereon.

Bottom Line

So, here’s the bottom line. Wall-mounted hose reels are really appealing, to say the least. However, if you want to get one, you need to know everything about them.

This article will help you achieve this and much more. So, when you feel you know enough, head over to your manufacturer and get a wall-mounted hose reel.

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