Keeping Your Plants Safe from Garden Hose Hazards

by Jeremy Wall

Imagine the frustration of a garden hose landing on your favorite flower bed. This could lead to the destruction of the flower bed because the heavily weighted hose exerts max pressure on it.

To take care of this problem, adequate precautions should be taken

Tips on How to prevent plant damage

You will agree that losing your plant beds because of a garden hose flop is not a very pleasant experience. Below are some suggestions that will help prevent this ugly event.

1. Do not Use Heavy Hose

There is nothing as important as having the right hose on every occasion. If your hose isn’t so heavy, you wouldn’t have a hard time carrying it about hence its chances of falling off and damaging plants will be greatly reduced.

If you want to buy a water hose, go for the lighter ones. Thanks to advancement in technology, varieties of light-weighted hoses which is a modification of the traditional ones have been produced.

Collapsible hoses are light weighted and may serve on some occasions but you should be mindful of their limitations. They are not very durable and they tend to break down easily. Hence they are not only a waste of resources but they constitute to land pollution as well.

It is also helpful to get a hose that is long enough for your garden. This way, you won’t have to constantly lift and pull the hose to water around the edges.

At first, a hose of 50ft might sound like a not so bad idea but when you begin to turn and twist, you will realize that you needed more. To be on the safer side get a longer hose so you don’t stress yourself or your plants.

Additionally, you can introduce quick connectors to automatically increase the size or reduce the size of the hose when required.

2. Get a Hose Holder

Some stands are designed to prevent the water hose from destroying plant beds. This stand could be a wooden one with a hole where the hose can pass through.

The entire setup is now installed on a T-bar that is properly rooted in the ground. The major aim of this structure is to ensure that the hose is safely held above the plants in other to avoid damages.

3. Use an Automated Hose Reel

Automated Hose reels are Garden devices designed to automatically retract a garden hose when it is not in use. Although this device is a bit pricey, it is totally worth it.

Imagine being relieved of the stress of carrying the garden hose up and down, all the time. Yes, it is a good feeling knowing that there is some machine available to do that for you.

Different types of Hose reels include stationary hose reels, wall-mounted reels, or portable reels. Whichever one you decide to go for, it provides an easier and more effective way of packing a hose thereby ensuring that plant beds are protected.


In as much as a garden hose makes life easier for a gardener, they could still be disadvantageous when used the wrong way. Endeavor to protect your plant beds by adhering to the above suggestions.

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